Or rather: it's conversation time with the help of automated chatbots and voice assistants. After webpages and mobile apps, the next big Internet development is bots. And VIRVIE with it's longstanding experience in the digital domain is right on top of it.

Messaging is bigger than social media

The age old marketing adagio ‘location, location, location’, is probably the most compelling reason for seriously considering chat bots; the crowds are moving towards Instant Messaging apps and are staying there. And chat bots are the only scalable meaningful way to interact with these crowds.

VIRVIE can help in determining how chatbots fit in your digital strategy. By the way: in Asia chatbots are common practice already.

success depends on the user experience

Even though chatbots and voice assistants can take advantage of cutting edge technologies like Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, they are currently still 'inexperienced' and proper design can go a long way in resolving this.

VIRVIE's experience in user centered design in general and conversational commerce in particular ensures you will get the right solution.

Click the image and scan with your Facebook Messenger App for a chatbot example