Customer Contact Bot

Every Customer Contact Center has a certain amount of repetitive questions, that usually have a standard answer. Even in the case of non-standard answers, there are most likely some filter questions that narrow down the specific case.

Having human agents handling these questions is tedious and uneconomical and chatbots are the perfect solution to this problem. VIRVIE is currently supporting an international travel organisation in setting this up.

The key challenge, next to knowing when the chatbot should chime in, is ensuring that the hybrid human agent / chatbot solution is comprehensible for the user and that the system calls in human backup when the chatbot seems to fail.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a key functionality in this setup and handles the identification of user questions and matching them to pre-formatted answers or rerouting them to human agents.

Personal or Corporate Bot

Consider it the new personal or corporate webpage, but with better engagement and the ability to truly personalise.

VIRVIE created a chatbot for its founder Almar: the Almarbot1st 🤖 (available via Facebook Messenger). It contains the elements of a regular (personal) website, which you access through short conversations with the bot. It's what you would call a 'dumb' bot, in the sense that it has very limited Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

A particular neat feature though, is the ability to log answers to specific questions for individual users. This way you can segment users right away and personalise future messaging.

Service Bot

Services (or better micro-services or tasks) are probably the domain where chatbots compete the most with other Mobile Apps. By connecting a chatbot to a particular API (e.g. train schedules, weather reports, news updates) you can 'ask' it to perform a particular task.

A dedicated App can of course do the very same thing, usually with a much richer interface, but the chatbot has the advantage of being on the platform where most users already spend their time and don't require installing anything new.

Through its association with, a bot platform, VIRVIE has experience with many of these use cases.